Chairperson’s brief

Herewith a brief/checklist for the chairperson.  Adapt as needed and please feedback with your experience so it can be incorporated for the next person.

  • Call gathering to order and introduce self.
  • Explain about fire alarm and assembly place (find out about them before hand).
  • Point out toilets.
  • Format of day:
    • Lecture and questions until 1:15pm
    • Lunch break until 2:30pm – a chance to chat, catch up with friends or make new contacts.
    • Explain lunch arrangements
    • After lunch [whatever is planned] until 4:00pm
    • Do join us for tea and pastries afterwards
  • Briefly refer to the lecture as honouring Marianne – much loved trainer.
  • Refer to organising group and get members to identify themselves.  Any issues – approach one of them.
  • Anyone interested in joining group, please identify yourself to one of us.  We work via the internet and only meet on this day and one other time during the year.
  • Draw attention to bookstall – which will be open until end of lunch break.
  • Return to themes of the lectures and link to today’s topic.
  • Introduce speaker.


  • Chair questions until 13:15.
    • Ask people to use the hand-held microphone and introduce themselves by name.
    • Explain lecture is being recorded and the recording will be available on the web site.
    • Explain that if you want to ask question or make a point off the record, please indicate this and we will suspend recording you.
  • Thank speaker.
  • Invite applause.
  • CPD certificates will be put on x table during the lunch-break.
  • Send everyone to lunch.
Afternoon session
  • Call gathering to order
  • Launch session

[Afternoon session]

Wrap up

  • Thank speaker again
  • Audio recording will be available on the web site – you will get an email.
  • CPD certificates are available on x table
  • You will receive a request to give feedback via an on-line form.  Please do feedback.  We listen carefully to what is said and the form of the day has evolved as a result.
  • Announce next year’s lecture date, lecturer and theme.  Further details in the spring.
  • Remind everyone about tea and pastries
  • Close

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