Things to check at Engineers’ House (mainly on the day)

  • Reception
  • Location of coat-racks
  • Signs needed downstairs?
  • Water on speakers’ table
  • Lectern
  • Screen for projection
  • Amplification and microphones working
  • Control of ventilation/heating
  • Flipchart stand(s), pads & pens (several flipcharts)
  • Post-it notes
  • Someone to buy flowers – several florists in Clifton nearby
  • Flowers on speakers’ table (Can Engineers’ House please supply vase?)
  • Chairs arranged theatre-style – horseshoe-shape? (We can rearrange).
  • Water available for delegates
  • Tables available for bookstall
  • Table available for people to put leaflets on
  • Which rooms we can use for break-out groups if necessary
  • Teas, coffees, milks as requested and labelled
  • Special biscuits/pastries labelled (wheat-free etc)Lunch dishes as requested and labelled
  • Special diet dishes as requested and labelled
  • What to tell people when they arrive


  • Take your name-badge: if you haven’t booked or there isn’t a name-badge for you, see Ruth
  • Location of coat-racks
  • Location of lift, disabled and other toilets
  • What happens in which room, including bookstall and table for leaflets
  • Tea/coffee/pastries – where
  • Proceedings to start at 11.00 – where
  • CPD certificates will be available from lunchtime, on tables downstairs

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