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Photo of Marianne Fry

Marianne Fry

The Marianne Fry Lectures began after her death in 1998. Her friends and students wanted to perpetuate, for the benefit of later generations of Gestalt therapists and trainees, the values and interests of a distinguished and beloved Gestalt trainer.

The lectures focus notably on:

  • Gestalt and psychotherapy
  • the relationship between Gestalt and spirituality
  • Germany and the Holocaust
  • dialogue
  • family therapy and other aspects of psychotherapy.

You can read about Marianne here.

On this site you can learn about the next lecture and book a place.   It also holds a record of past lectures. You can read about them, and, in many  cases, access them in written form or listen to audio recordings.

The 2018 lecture

This year’s lecture focuses on Islam in the context of the therapeutic relationship but the lessons to be learnt apply across all therapeutic work and client groups.  As therapists,  we need to acknowledge the wider world and seek to understand its impact in the therapy room.  This includes looking at our own understanding and awareness of any assumptions we make.  How am I affected by aspects of the wider field in my relationship with clients?  What is my understanding of working with people from other cultures and religions?   How can I use my mixed or uncertain feelings therapeutically?  More importantly, what can I do to enhance the therapeutic relationship when I am working with people who lack trust in me because of the differences between us?

Faisal’s lecture draws on his experience of working with two cultures to support us as therapists to reflect and build on our own perceptions and understanding so we can be more authentically present for our clients.  Full details are available here.