2021 lecture announced: Equalising Rhythms – Jocelyn Chaplin

The 2021 lecture will be given on Saturday 25th September by Jocelyn Chaplin. Her provisional title is Equalising Rhythms – the Spirit within Matter.

Spirituality has frequently been an important part of a number of psychotherapy modalities. It has, however, often been connected to patriarchal and hierarchical religions. The underlying model tends to be vertical, including the idea of one-directional growth. Jocelyn has been working on the more balancing, rhythm model as an alternative paradigm for over 30 years, finding it relevant to therapy practice as well as to the wider eco-systems that we live in. Jocelyn works in private practice, and with John Rowan co-founded the Serpent Institute in 1998 to train therapists in humanistic and psychodynamic approaches within a natural spirituality framework. It is now a centre for developing a spirituality with equality at its heart.

Jocelyn’s books include The Mass Psychology of Thatcherism, Feminist Counselling in Action, Love in an Age of Uncertainty and Deep Equality. She is also an artist.

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