Procedures check list (from old system)

When Who What
January All Book tele-conference for March
Jan – Feb MCh Consider costings ahead of decision about prices
Before each tele- conference MCh One week ahead, send out reminder, any established agenda items, and request notice of any non-standard methods of contact.
Prepare note on state of bookings and financial forecast.
Feb – March MP MCh All RF Obtain details from speaker and photo
Draft poster
Agree poster
On web site, create event for forthcoming lecture.  See procedure.
Feb – Apr MCh MCh RF MCh All


Ensure contacts list on Eventbrite is up to date

Send out Eventbrite invitation to contacts list

Agree who will be responsible for which publicity

Send out publicity to other sources

Get cards printed
Arrange for bookstall

Ask speaker for his/her suggestions for books to be included

March – June All Discuss next year’s speaker and date for the lecture

Add committee’s own suggestions to booklist; finalise it and forward to bookstall people to give them plenty of time to order books

March – June nominated person Confirm next year’s speaker and their working title
28th June MCh

MCh All

Edit Eventbrite invitation to highlight end of Earlybird bookings coming up

Re-send Eventbrite invitation to contacts list

Re-send publicity emails ahead of Earlybird deadline

13th July MC (Early bird option will remove itself from web site event booking form)
April – Aug CB Liaise with venue over catering arrangements:

  • Catering, including specific labelling for vegetarian/vegan/special diet dishes;
  • Tea at three points: morning, lunch and afternoon;
  • Request herbal teas;
  • Give preliminary forecast of numbers
June – Aug MP Check speaker’s needs for lecture (lectern/audio-visual equipment) etc and request copy of any PowerPoint/audio files that will be used – check they work. Discuss text and audio recording of their lecture.
June – Aug MCh Arrange event insurance
Liaise with venue over arrangements:- Audio amplification; 1 lapel mic + 2 roving? – Audio recording facilities
– Flipchart stand, pad & pens if needed
– Wi-fi access- Table, chairs, water for chair & speaker etc- Registration desk[Check venue has Health & Safety Policy (required for insurance)][Do risk assessment (required for insurance)]
June – Aug MCh Check stock of label stationery Check signage
Draft feedback form
Update CPD Certificate for later use
Aug – Sep All MPMP All


Arrange who will purchase flowers for the venue and speaker’s champagne/appreciationCheck whether speaker would like to receive cheque on the day or will submit invoice later; bank details for BACS payment

Confirm title of following year’s lecture Arrange who will do what on the day

  • –  welcoming
  • –  registration desk
  • –  directing people who haven’t paid to MCh
  • –  audio-visual
  • –  check everything is in place (water, lectern, herbal teas, soy milk etc; confirm food for lunch and tea/coffee arrangements)
  • Prepare joining instructions (inc directions, car parking availability, public transport, map, contact list.
  • Request for people to register by collecting their badge and saying that their CPD certificate will be available on the day for them to collect etc)

2-3 weeks before lecture


Send out joining instructions including inviting them to bring leaflets

Remind them of bookstall

1 week before lecture MCh/CB
MChAs agreed
Notify venue of final numbers inc special diets, with margin for late bookings.

Work out what delegates need to be told on the day, eg fire alarms/exits; CPD forms; feedback form and pass to Chair

Organise flowers

Day before lecture MCh Print labels for attendees (take a few spare blanks)

Print CPD Certificates

Print out list of names of people with special diets & details

On the day As agreed MCh
MCAs agreedMC MCh
Obtain flowers
Take laptop
Take data projector if needed
Take recording equipment if needed
Issue labels as registration process
Deal with any ‘on the door’ registrations and payments
Make audio recording
Issue CPD certificates
Post-lecture meeting All Evaluate venue
Consider next year’s venue
Remind people to supply receipts of expenses
Decide on honorarium
After the lecture day MCh
(Booking arrangements on website hides itself automatically.)

Prepare accounts spreadsheet for the current year. Bring forward any late transactions from previous year.Establish from remaining labels who actually attended.

Send out email to attendees with request to complete feedback form and any CPD certificates not collected with preliminary note of next year’s lecture

Pay bills (including organising group expenses claims.)

Make provisional booking at venue for following year.


Follow this procedure to create past lecture record.Publish brief details of following year’s speaker, lecture title and date as a news post on the web site.

Two/three weeks after request for feedback MCh Collate feedback from participants and circulate it or a summary to organising group.Feedback to venue.

Review feedback form in light of experience and update if necessary.
Update these procedures in light of experience.

As soon as material available RF Upload lecture text/transcript and audio if desired. Review with group.

Oct – Dec


Reconcile accounts & send to reviewer

Once reviewed, make financial report to whole organising group

Jan – March Confirm venue for next lecture