Website issues


The contact form, taxi booking form and the feedback form have all been using Caldera Forms software.  Caldera has been purchased by a rival forms provider and they subsequently  changed tack and took a decision not to continue with Caldera.  In fact, they have now closed down support and there will be no more updates. They have cited security issues – the software was vulnerable to attack.

Because of the security risk, I have removed Caldera but kept a copy in case we need reinstall it.

The situation as at January 2024 is as follows:

Contact form

I am now using WPForms Lite for this. Works well and is secure.

I am using a paid WPForms on the Ovni-Owners website and it works well. Support is excellent.

Transfer booking form

This used Caldera but could very easily be switched to WPForms Lite. W are unlikely to need to do this unless we revert to Engineers’ House again.

Event Booking form

This is part of Events Manager and does not rely on Caldera

Mailing list sign-up

This uses the MC4WP plugin and is independent of Caldera. [WPForms Pro also has this capability but would need a PRO subscription.]

Feedback Form

This presently uses Caldera and will not now work because I have removed Caldera. We could re-enable Caldera just for the feedback period but it would be better to replace it with something more robust. [WPForms PRO also has this capability but would need a significant subscription.] There are other plugins that I have not evaluated yet. This needs sorting out before th next lecture.

Just so you know :face_with_rolling_eyes: