Website issues

Ticks on booking form

 I have established that the problem with the placement of tick boxes on the booking form is caused by the latest update to part of the Events Manager software.  I have rolled back to the previous version and the issue has gone away.  The Events Manager people are investigating further.


The contact form, taxi booking form and the feedback form all use Caldera Forms software.  Caldera has been purchased by a rival forms provider and they subsequently  changed tack and took a decision not to continue with Caldera.  In fact, they have now closed down support and there will be no more updates.

I have been too taken up with other things to work on a transition to a new system and have decided to leave the Caldera system in place until after our 2022 season.  Hopefully, I can make time next winter to work on a new system.  Meanwhile, I will need to be very cautious about updates, lest  they break the existing system.  This may limit action to close any newly discovered security flaws.  I am pretty confident that this will be OK and feel it is less risky than rushing in changes at this stage in our cycle and before my time on the seas.

Just so you know :face_with_rolling_eyes: