Opening bookings

  1. Open the event [Dashboard>Events>Event and select the up-coming event]
  2. Review the ticket table and the date the early bird tickets expire.
  3. Check Enable registration and update the event.
  4. View the event and check that the bookings are showing, including early bird.
  5. Test the payment system: while logged in you can book yourself in buying a test ticket for just £1.
  6. Check that notification is sent to the bookings email address.
  7. Logged in, check the booking has been made.  You can cancel it via PayPal/Stripe and you should get a refund.
  8. While logged out, check that all is well, that the lecture shows in the Up-coming lectures section and that the correct tickets are showing.

Setting up a pop-up window

A pop-up window will draw casual visitors’ attention to the lecture.  Proceed as follows:

  1. In the dashboard go to the Popup Maker>All popups panel
  2. Commence editing of the bookings open pop-up
  3. Edit the text of the pop-up to suit the current year.  Make sure the link to the bookings page is updated.
  4. In the Triggers section you should find the event ‘On pop-up Open’.  Edit the cookie name to include the current year.  This is to distinguish it from a previous year’s cookie.
  5. Now add a trigger of type ‘Time delay/Auto open”.  Set the time delay to 500ms. Do not tick the “would you like to set up a new cookie as well?” box – you have already set this in the previous step.
  6. Click on “add”.   Set the time delay to 500ms. Enter the cookie name as the one you have just set up.  Click on ‘Add’.
  7. You should now see in the Triggers section the Time Delay/Auto open trigger and the On pop-up Open cookie control.  Click on  Update to update the page.
  8. Now visit the site.  You should see the pop-up once.  When you dismiss the pop-up or follow the link to the booking page the pop-up should not re-occur.

When satisfied that all is working, proceed to send out the first email invitation.

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