Test site

There is a test/development site test-site.mariannefrylectures.uk which can be used to test out changes, experiment or practice without impacting the live site.

On the test site, the payment gateway should be in sandbox mode and updates to the email list should be directed to the test email list.

If you use the test site to experiment with developing new pages etc., you will need to copy these to the live site, if required.

The two sites can also be synchronised using the SitePush plugin.  This is only available to users with administrator privileges.  Using SitePush an administrator can ‘pull’ data from the live site so that the test site is up to date with the live site, or ‘push’ date to the live site. Certain categories of data can be moved.

Important: If the entire database is pulled to the development site, this includes all settings, which itself includes the settings to use the real payment system and the live mailing lists, so various options on the test site must then be changed back to their test settings and the options saved, namely:

  • Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility: tick Discourage search engines
  • Dashboard > Events > Payment gateways >PayPal > Settings >PayPal mode to Sandbox
  • Dashboard > MailChimp > Forms > Settings tab > Lists this form subscribes: tick MFL test email list
  • Dashboard > MailChimp > Integrations > Events Manager > MailChimp lists: tick MFL test email list

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