Sending out a Zoom link

If the lecture is to be on Zoom, you need to send out the link about 24 hours before the lecture.

  1. Log on to MailChimp
  2. Find a previous  ‘Zoom link’ campaign from a previous year and replicate it.
  3. Edit the link details to those for the current year.
  4. Send it out to this the Group for year’s attendees.

Participants list for Zoom manager

  1. Go to the bookings [Dashboard>Events>Bookings].  Select the lecture event and view the list of bookings
  2. Set the filter to just show Confirmed bookings, or if wanting to include pending bookings you will need to show all but remove cancellation ones at steps 6 & 8 below.
  3. Using the CSV icon, export a CSV list of the bookings.    You need to include the separate forename and surname fields, the combined names and email address.
  4. Open the exported list in a spreadsheet application.
  5. Delete the first three rows, which contain details of the venue etc. and convert the new Row 1  to be a header row.
  6. Sort the table on Surname then First Name.
  7. Delete the separate forename and surname columns
  8. Fix the fill colours so that no column is coloured and then the header row is green in the MFL style.
  9. Save back the updated list.

You can send this list to the Zoom manager and other organise who needs it.

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