Adding lecture text and/or audio recordings

When these become available

There are two ways of doing this – the simple way and the more space efficient way.

The simple way is easiest, but it a second copy will be duplicated on the test web site, thus taking up twice the space for what can be large files.  The space efficient way avoids this duplication.

Make sure the media files to be uploaded have the relevant extension so that their type can be determined, i.e. audio files will usually be .mp3 files.

The simple way

  1. Visit the past lecture page, enter edit mode and add the recordings by uploading the media.
  2. View the page and test the additions.

The space-efficient way

  1. Log on to the cPanel account
  2. Launch the File Manager
  3. Navigate to the folder /home/archives/<relevant year>
  4. Choose Upload and upload the audio or other files
  5. Work out the URLs of the uploaded files.  They will be<relevant year>/<file name>
  6. Make a note of the file URLs.
  7. Visit the recent lecture in which the new media is to be inserted, open it in edit mode.
  8. In the place where you want to insert the media, use the Add Media button and select the insert from URL option.
  9. Add or paste in the URL and insert into the page.
  10. Preview to make sure all the correct recordings play or the files open or download etc.
  11. Publish the page

A clever way of getting to the space-efficient way

  1. First, get the files in place using the simple way and check all is working well.
  2. Leave the lecture record open in edit mode, text view.
  3. Using an FTP client (such as FileZilla or, on a Mac you can use Cyberduck), connect to the file space and drag the files from where they were uploaded into the proper space in the archives folder and the correct year sub-folder.
  4. Using the FTP client, copy the URL of each moved file and replace the URLs in the lecture record so they point to the new locations.
  5. Preview again to make sure all the correct recordings play or the files open or download etc.
  6. Publish the page

Whichever way you got here

  1. Make a new post as a News item to announce the availability of the lecture material.
  2. Email attendees (only?) (details needed)

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